• These days, while filing din 3-kyc on mca.gov.in, few directors are facing this issue of “THIS PAN IS ALREADY LINKED TO ANOTHER DIN.”
  • Hence, if you have an extra din number allotted by ministry of corporate affairs, you need to surrender the duplicates (preferably keep the oldest and surrender the rest) by filing up e-form dir5 .
  • In case you have received a show-cause from registrar of companies , in dir5, you also have to attach board resolution on letterhead of company in which the director’s said duplicate din is stated.
  • The dir5 form has 1000 rs. Fees and must have an affidavit (format given below) stating reasons why duplicate was applied and which din and why you want to surrender etc. along with your basic KYC details etc. Also do state that “I affirtm and request concerned authorities to replace my din instead of the hereby surrendered din at all places in mca records.”
  • This form is going for approval and hence, its in non-straight through (/ non automatic ) process. A CA/ CS etc. professional has to sign this form along with the said director.
  • Once approved, your din to be surrendered will hhave status of disabled, if rejected, the status will be back to alotted / or same status which was prior to this form being uploaded. The interim status while the form dir5 is being approved, will be surredered.
  • If director is out of India, the documnets have to be attested by Indian counsuatte in that country.
  • For more info, visit www.nsc.in or on www.mca.gov.in will give you latest forms etc.

Regards, ca kunjan Shah, mumbai, 9222922292, gmail id kunjan@nsc.in

dir 5 and dir 5 help forms are on below via our google drive . However, for latest version, better to download from www.mca.gov.in